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Cyclone ► Cyclone toolbar ► Loop view and Key Map view

The Loop view displays the content of the loop you have selected in the Loop bin. If the loop is an ACIDized loop, the loop’s transient markers separate the file’s slices. From the Loop view, you can drag a slice onto an event in the Pad Editor.
Figure 464. Loop view
A. Click to open the Key Map view B. Slices
The Key Map view shares the same space in Cyclone as the Loop view. You toggle between the two views by clicking on one of the tabs to the left of whichever view is displayed. The keyboard in the Key Map view shows the Unity note (in orange) and the range of notes that trigger the pad group (in blue). Drag the Unity note to change its value. Drag the white triangles to extend the range of MIDI note values that trigger the pad group.
Figure 465. Key Map view
A. Current Loop B. Key Map Low C. Key Map High D. Unity note; plays loop at the Pad Root pitch E. Key Map range appears in blue

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