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Controlling playback ► The Now time and how to use it

Every project has a current time, known as the Now time, which keeps track of where you are in a project. The Now time appears as a vertical line in the Track view and is displayed in the Transport module in the Control Bar (see Transport module).
A. Current Now time (click to cycle through the available display formats) B. Position C. Meter
MBT. Display time as Measure:Beat:Tick.
HMSF. Display time as Hour:Minute:Second:Frame. This format is also referred to as SMPTE time.
Milliseconds. Display time in milliseconds.
Samples. Display time in samples.
The measure, beat, and tick number (MBT) identifies the Now time in musical time units. Ticks are subdivisions of quarter notes and indicate the timebase of the project. For more information about the timebase, see Setting the MIDI timing resolution. Here are some examples of times expressed in measure, beat, and tick (MBT) format:
You can also set the Now time by right-clicking in the Clips pane if you enable the Right Click Sets Now option in Track view Options > Click Behavior menu.
Note: The Time Ruler only obeys snap when Musical Time or Absolute Time is selected in the Control Bar’s Snap module.
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