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RecordingPreparing to record ► Arming tracks for recording

SONAR lets you record any number of tracks at one time. You indicate the tracks you want to record by arming the tracks. You can arm a single track or several tracks at one time. Each track records material received though its selected input. Whenever a track is armed, not only does the track’s Arm for Recording button turn red (), but the Clips pane that’s to the right of that track’s controls turns a reddish hue.
Click the track’s Arm for Recording button .
A track’s Arm button turns red to indicate that the track is armed for recording.
Tip: You can quickly enable/disable the Arm for Recording button on multiple tracks by simply clicking a button in one track, then dragging across adjacent tracks without releasing the mouse button. Only buttons that match the clicked button’s state will change.
Click the Arm / Disarm All Tracks button in the Control Bar’s Mix module, or press CTRL+R.
Figure 110. The Mix module.
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