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Let's start by opening the tutorial project Cakewalk Audio Demo.cwb that we used in earlier tutorials.
One of the most important things to understand in order to edit your music successfully is selection. Once you become familiar with selecting, the rest is easy. There are two aspects of selection:
Figure 62. The Tools module.
Note: If you would like to try both of the following methods, select Edit > Undo after completing the first method. Doing so will revert the project to its previous state.
You might have noticed that you're only able to select 16th note intervals. What if you need to edit a smaller amount of time? You'll need to turn off Snap To Grid. To do so, click the Snap to Grid button in the Control Bar’s Snap module. With this button disabled, you will be able to make finer selections. You can also choose different Snap To Grid options in the Snap module.
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