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Tutorial 9 - Exporting, CD burning and sharing

On the File menu, click Open.
The Open dialog box appears.
In the Go to Folder list, select Template Files and then open the Tutorials folder.
Browse to the project named SONAR_AudioDemo.cwb and click Open to load the project.
Now that you have opened the demo project (or your own audio project), click the Play button or press SPACEBAR listen to it. If you do not hear any audio, review the steps in Tutorial 1 to ensure SONAR and your audio device are configured correctly.
First, we need to click File > Export > Audio.
This will bring us to the Export Audio dialog box. This has many useful functions. Let’s explore some of them in detail.
You should notice that the top half of this window is very similar to the Open and Save dialogs that were discussed in Tutorial 1 - Creating, playing, and saving projects. This is used to navigate to locations on your computer’s hard drive and tell SONAR where you want to store the exported audio.
Click File > Export > Audio to open the Export Audio dialog box.
In the Channel Format list, select Stereo.
In the Sample Rate list, select 44100.
In the Bit-Depth list, select 16.
In the File type list, select Wave.
Click Export.
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