SONAR 3.1 update patch

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 3 Producer Edition
  • SONAR 3 Studio Edition

Note: This download only patches English language installations of SONAR 3, either from copies purchased directly from Cakewalk and North American retail outlets, or from the SONAR 3 European version. This patch will not update the SONAR 3 downloadable Web Demo version, the SONAR 3 Test Drive kit, the SONAR 3 French and German installations from the European version, or the SONAR 3 Japanese versions. The SONAR 3.1 French and German Updates will be available by February 2004. The SONAR 3.1 Japanese Update will be available Q1 2004.

This free update includes new features and over 100 bug fixes that enhance the initial release of SONAR 3.

The SONAR 3.1 Update Patch includes the following features:

HyperThreading / Multiprocessor Optimization

  • The audio configuration dialog has a new checkbox "Enable MultiProcessing Engine" on the Advanced page.
  • This checkbox is only active on multi-processing (or hyper-threaded) machines. When checked, the audio engine will use a dedicated worker thread for each CPU, and optimally distribute mixing and DSP tasks across multiple CPU's. You will notice significant performance benefits on true multi-processor systems with this option enabled.

    Support for arbitrary sample rates

  • Presets for most common sample rates.
  • You can now set the project sample rate to any hardware supported sample rate value.
  • Known good profiled sample rates are displayed in the Audio Configuration dialog.
  • You may also type in any value supported by your audio device.
  • This means you will now be able to use 88.2kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, etc, rates in SONAR.

    High-quality sample rate conversion when importing audio

  • File import now uses a high quality Windowed Sinc resampler.

    Ability to convert sample rate during audio export

  • The file export dialog now has an option that allows you to enter a destination sample rate.
  • Sample rate conversion uses the same high quality Windowed Sinc resampler used for import

    Maximum tempo has been increased to 1000 BPM (currently limited to 250BPM).

    Play List has been revived

    Placeholders for Missing/Orphaned plug-ins

  • All plug-in types that reside in effects bins (MFX, DX and DXi, built in Eq) are proxied by default when they are detected as missing. Missing plug-ins are indicated by displaying their names in parenthesis.
  • A stand-in property page is also displayed showing the plug-in name with an explanation that the plug-in is missing.
  • Projects containing missing plug-ins can now be freely saved without any data loss with this mechanism.

    Adjustable EQ Plot Resolution

  • By default the EQ plot auto-zooms in increments of 6dB to display the plot. You can now right-click the Plot Show/Hide button in the Console view and select from any of these resolutions:
    Auto (default)

    Reset All Meters command

  • Clears all meter clips and reset all meter numeric peak values, and will affect all meters in all views simultaneously).
  • This is especially helpful when adjusting record levels on multiple tracks.

    Over 100 Bug Fixes

  • The README file contains a complete list of bug fixes.


  • "Fit Tracks to Window" and “Fit Project to Window" commands now work in Bus pane when it has focus
  • Keyboard shortcut to show/hide Bus pane (Shift+B)
  • Keyboard shortcut to show/hide Large Transport toolbar (F4)
  • All toolbars can now be shown/hidden via key bindings
  • In the Configure Colors dialog, the assigned color is now displayed next to each screen element
  • StudioMix control surface plug-in
  • Channel EQ is now exposed by the control surfaces API (but individual control surface plug-ins must still be updated in order to benefit from this)
  • Support for KAR (karaoke) files
  • Various control surface enhancements (more parameters exposed, etc.)
  • Track View toolbar buttons have been resized to require less horizontal space
  • An update to VSampler DXi 3.04 (only versions of VSampler that shipped with the SONAR 3 Producer Edition or the SONAR 3 Plug-in Patch will be updated. This patch will not update versions of VSampler obtained directly from MAZ Sound Tools.)

    IMPORTANT: The SONAR 3.1 Update includes a previously-released SONAR 3 Plug-in Patch. If you have already installed this Plug-in Patch, you may simply proceed without any further precaution. However, if you did not install the Plug-in Patch, please read the following information about Sonitus:fx presets before installing the SONAR 3.1 Update.

    If you have created any custom presets for any of the Sonitus:fx plug-ins, the custom presets will no longer be available after installing the SONAR 3.1 Update. If you wish to use any old custom Sonitus:fx presets after installing the Update, follow the instructions below in order to migrate the presets.

    Note: there are two ways to create presets with the Sonitus:fx plug-ins: 1) via SONAR's standard preset control and 2) via the integrated Sonitus:fx Preset Manager. Any custom presets saved via SONAR's preset control must first be saved as Sonitus presets before they can be migrated.

    To save SONAR presets as Sonitus presets:

    [1] Open plug-in.
    [2] Select your custom preset from the "Presets" dropdown menu
    [3] Click the [Presets] button in the Sonitus interface, then select "Add Preset"
    [4] Name the preset, and add it to a bank (if you wish)
    [5] Click [Add] to save the preset
    [6] Repeat for each custom preset

    To export presets and import them after applying the plugin patch:
    [1] Open plug-in.
    [2] Click [Presets], and then select "Preset Manager…".
    [3] Click [Export…], and save the .INI file in the desired folder.
    [4] Double-click on the .INI file to open it with Windows Notepad.
    [5] Replace the old "CLSID=" line with the new line as listed below, and then save the .INI file.

    EQ Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D00-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}
    EQ New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D00-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Modulator Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{5CEE8F1A-1B27-4595-8442-D9FEDA29C0AC}
    Modulator New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D10-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Reverb Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{0F050EB4-EF74-4363-9A56-E7E7B9368510}
    Reverb New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D20-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Phase Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{988586E9-5E8C-4f32-8DFB-024C00CF79EF}
    Phase New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D30-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Surround Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{A635487D-F2EB-450b-A728-6BA09FB23891}
    Surround New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D40-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Wahwah Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{0B259792-0D5A-4871-83FD-87BFF992BB19}
    Wahwah New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D50-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Compressor Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{BCB6A15F-2A31-4b80-BA44-F101874B3BA5}
    Compressor New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D60-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Multiband Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D70-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}
    Multiband New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D70-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Delay Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{D3154A3D-551B-4421-9D45-F12068D35ED2}
    Delay New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D80-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    Gate Old: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{0CC0D2A0-4F21-40da-B5BC-AC533346DA0C}
    Gate New: CLSID=SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C54E2D90-F9CA-11D2-8C30-00805FE9FC03}

    [6] Repeat steps 1-5 for any Sonitus:fx plug-ins for which you have created custom presets.
    [7] Apply the SONAR 3 Plug-In patch.
    [8] Open the (new/patched) plug-in.
    [9] Click [Presets], and then select "Preset Manager…".
    [10] Click [Import…], and select the .INI file that was created in step #3.
    [11] Repeat steps 8-10 for each Sonitus:fx plug-in.

    In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 3 Producer or SONAR 3 Studio customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

    Note: this download will not patch the SONAR 3 Web Demo nor the SONAR 3 Test Drive.

    Download SONAR 3.1 Update Patch

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