I can't record from a USB device in Pyro 5.

Last updated on 3/28/2016

First go to Start | Settings | Control Panel | Sounds and Audio | Audio. Make sure the USB Device is the default Recording device. Choose Start | Programs | Accessories | Entertainment | Volume Control | Options | Properties. Click on Adjust Volume For Recording, and make sure the USB input is set up correctly. Pyro 5 does not have the ability to monitor a USB input via the software. You will have to connect the analog outputs of your turntable (via an RCA to stereo 1/8th inch adapter) to the Line-in of your sound card in order to monitor the audio. Make sure you don't have the Line-in muted in the Volume control.

If none of this works, try recording in Windows Sound Recorder (Start | Programs | Accessories Entertainment Sound Recorder). If you cannot record in Sound Recorder, you won't be able to record in Cakewalk. I'd then have you speak with The USB device or computer vendor's technical support. Once they get Sound Recorder working, Cakewalk should work as well.

AT-LP2D Customers
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