Project5 Tech Tip: Combining and Splitting Patterns

Last updated on 3/29/2016

Ever wanted to split and combine patterns in Project5? It's actually quite easy to do in P-SEQ. Specifically, you can merge multiple patterns, either by layering them or extending an existing pattern, or simply split a pattern into two by cropping it from the beginning or end.

To Combine Patterns

Combining patterns requires collaboration between two views, P-SEQ and the Pattern Bin.

1) Display the pattern in P-SEQ to which you need to add another pattern.

2) Set the Snap button to the desired setting, and drag a pattern from any folder in the Pattern Bin directly into P-SEQ.

3) Notice that the yellow Edit Marker follows the mouse in P-SEQ's time ruler while you hold down the mouse button. This indicates where the pattern from the bin will be added to the existing pattern.

4) Release the mouse button to 'drop' the added pattern in place. Notice that all events in the newly added pattern are in a selected state after you drop it. This allows you to move the new events as a whole with using the cursor keys until the view looses focus.

To Split a Pattern

1) Display the pattern in P-SEQ from which you need to split a section.

2) Set the Snap button menu to a value that allows you to split the pattern at the time location where you want to split.

3) Drag the yellow Edit Marker to the split location, or double-click in P-SEQ's Time Ruler where you want the split to be.

4) Using the Select tool, right-click in P-SEQ's Note pane either before or after the Edit Marker, depending on what portion of the pattern should make up the new pattern.

5) Choose Split Until Marker, or Split From Marker from the popup menu, depending on where you right-clicked.

P-SEQ updates the view to accommodate the new pattern size. Note that the section of the pattern that you split off now appears in the Scrap Bin as Split of <original pattern name>.

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