Verifying the installed Fantom VS Firmware version

Last updated on 3/31/2016

If you are unsure if you have successfully installed the Fantom VS 1.10 Firmware update, you can manually check the installed version by performing the steps below.

To check the current firmware version of your Fantom VS hardware:

  1. Verify that the power to your VS-700R is off
  2. Connect only the power chord to the VS-700R
  3. Detach the expansion cover on the Top Panel, set DIP switch 3 to “on,” and set the other DIP switches to “off.”
  4. Adjust the SAMPLE RATE control at the left edge of the Front Panel to 44.1 kHz.
  5. Switch on the power.
  6. Return DIP switch 3 to "off"
  7. Verify that the PEAK LED for the level meter for INPUT 1 on the Front Panel lights up.
  8. Change the SAMPLE RATE setting to 48 kHz, then return it to 44.1 kHz. The VS-700R will now be in a version check mode.
  9. Set the SAMPLE RATE setting to 88.1 kHz. The version number for the Fantom VS will now be displayed. If you are updated to Fantom VS firmware version 1.10, the LEDs on your VS-700R should light up as in the picture below:

Fantom VS FW1


  1. After you have determined the version of the firmware installed, you can simply power off the unit and replace the expansion cover and any cables that were previously plugged into the unit.

If your hardware does not light up as in the image above, then you have a different firmware version installed. You can determine the exact version that you have installed using the method below.



Fantom VS FW2

The Fantom VS Version Number is listed in the top 4 rows of LEDS outlined (in red) in the picture above.


  • The Top Row represents the tens place holder (ex. 01.10)
  • The Second Row represents the ones place holder (ex. 01.10)
  • The Third Row represents the tenths place holder (ex. 01.10)
  • The Fourth Row represents the hundredths place holder (ex. 01.10)

The column determines the value of the digit from 0-9.



  • Blank LEDs in each column for an entire row represent a value of 0
  • Glowing LED in column 1 represents a value of 1
  • Glowing LED in column 2 represents a value of 2 ( and likewise for each respective column)
  • Glowing LED in column AUX represents a value of 9


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