ProChannel Auto-Enabling Modules

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Introduced with SONAR X1b, the ProChannel now features "auto-enabling" modules. When you touch or move a control in a module of the ProChannel the very first time, it will turn the respective module "ON" (enabled).

Any subsequent changes to any control in the same module will neither enable nor disable the module, with the exception of the module enable/disable command.

The auto-enable state is persisted per module, per track, per project.

Per Module Per Track Per Project

This means that when you create a project and a ProChannel module is auto-enabled once, it will never auto-enable again, respective to each module of each track of each project.

Note: it is important to note the state of auto-enable can be saved if you have created a template from a working project that had modules previously enabled.

IMPORTANT: Auto-Enabling is excluded when:


  1. the selected audio track is armed for automation write.
  2. there already exists an envelope assigned to a specific ProChannel parameter (as of X1c)
  3. the module has been turned off manually after its initial auto-enable


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