FX Chains 2.0 – Customizing your GUI

Last updated on 3/21/2016

FX Chains 2.0 now allows you to customize your FX Chains’ appearance by changing the colors and graphics that are displayed in each FX Chain.

To begin, right-click the FX Chain property page and click Customize UI. The Settings dialog box lets you change the colors and graphics that are displayed in each FX Chain.

FX Chains 2.0 Settings Page

When replacing the images in the Custom GUI section, you will want to make sure your images are in the proper format, dimensions, and orientation.


FX Chains 2.0 will accept the following file types: *.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.gif, and *.tif.


While you can import files of different dimensions, doing so will cause the chosen image to stretch to fit. To avoid this, make sure your images are the proper width and height. As below:


  • Background Image:  600 pixels  x 187 pixels  
  • Preset Background Image: 186 pixels  x 32 pixels  
  • Fader Cap Image: 22 pixels  x 37 pixels  
  • Button Image: 195 pixels  x 27 pixels  
  • Rotary Image: 6966 pixels  x 54 pixels  




Knob Example Image

Since some of the graphics have several stages (such as knobs having various images depending on their position when turned), you will want to make sure your custom graphic has the right orientation.

If you would like a template to get started from so that you can see how these images are orientated, the default images for your FX Chains GUI are stored at C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR X1 Producer\FX Chain Graphics

Try making a copy of these images to start from. You can simply alter the colors (as below), or edit the images themselves


Example GUI


Saving your custom UI:

Once you are pleased with your FX Chain's customized GUI, you can easily save it to recall it at any time. This can be done by saving an FX Chains Preset. Do this by right-clicking on the FX Chain in your Track's FX Bin, and then selecting "Save FX Chain Preset". As below:



Save As

Alternately, this can be done simply by clicking and dragging your FX Chain from your track's FX Bin directly into the Audio FX section of the Browser.


Save by dragging


Note: dragging your preset via this method will default to saving it to C:\Cakewalk Content\SONAR X1 Producer\FX Chain Presets

Saving an FX Chain Preset (*.fxc)  not only stores your FX settings, but it also saves your UI customizations and embeds your images. This is perfect for moving your custom FX Chains from one computer to another without having to worry about referencing the original images used to create your new UI.




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