SONAR X2 Rapture 1.2.2 Installation Patch

Last updated on 3/22/2016

A new stand-alone installer is available for the version of Rapture 1.2.2 shipped with SONAR X2 Producer. The installer resolves the following customer reported issues:

Issue 1:

In some cases, the Rapture installer would not automatically launch at the end of the SONAR X2 Producer installation. The stand-alone installer allows everyone to launch the Rapture installation manually without having to re-run the SONAR X2 Producer installation.

Issue 2:



In some cases, if a previous version of Rapture already was installed, users would end up with multiple versions of Rapture 1.2.2. The new version would insert correctly with the new Rapture serial number (in a CWRP-1.22-XXXXXX-XXXXXX) format, however the old instance of Rapture would show up with a blank serial number field. This would make it impossible to authorize Rapture.




The new Rapture installer now automatically uninstalls previous versions of Rapture before installing the latest version. This resolves any authorization issues and ensures you are running the latest build of Rapture 1.2.2

Issue 3:



When attempting to run the Rapture 1.2.2 installer, customers who already had Dimension Pro installed (from a disc installer of Dimension Pro 1.2 or from SONAR 8 or SONAR 8.5) would be met with the message:




"The installer has detected that a previous version of Dimension Pro is currently installed. Please download the 1.5 update from"


Afterwards the installer would quit and redirect to the Cakewalk website. This no longer happens.


Installation Instructions:

In order to access the SONAR X2 Rapture 1.2.2 Installation Patch you must be a registered SONAR X2 Producer owner. You will need your Rapture 1.2.2 serial number from your SONAR X2 Producer purchase in order to install.



  1. Download and save the SONAR_X2_Rapture_1.2.2_Installation_Patch.exe from the link below to your computer
  2. Run SONAR_X2_Rapture_1.2.2_Installation_Patch.exe
  3. When prompted, enter your Rapture 1.2.2 serial number in the CWRP-1.22-XXXXX-XXXXX format
  4. At the end of the installer, it is recommended that you launch SONAR and re-scan your VST-plug-ins by going to Edit > Preferences > File - VST Settings and clicking the [Scan VST Folders] button

At this point, you should see Rapture listed under Insert > Soft Synths.

Don't forget that if you are running Windows Vista, 7 or 8 that to enter your Rapture Registration Code you will need to be Running as an Administrator. This can be done by right-clicking on the Rapture or SONAR X2 launch icon and selecting "Run as Administrator".





DownloadSONAR X2 Rapture 1.2.2 Installation Patch (Approx. 26 MB)








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