SONAR 6.2.1 Update

Last updated on 3/18/2016


Notable Fixes/Changes:

  • Optimizations for high bandwidth multi-track recording
    • Better performance and higher track counts at high sample rates and bit depths.
    • New EnableCacheWriteThru AUD.INI variable enables disk write thru caching, which provides more efficient disk I/O.
    • New RecordPreAllocSeconds AUD.INI variable can improve disk write performance at high track counts.
    • Picture cache is no longer computed in the background during recording.
  • BitBridge (hosting 32-bit VSTs in SONAR x64)
    • Now supports 64-bit double precision streaming from VST 2.4 plug-ins.
    • Now reads plug-in delay correctly on first instantiation
    • Improved UAD-1 delay compensation reporting
  • AudioSnap / Radius
    • Transposing an audio clip via the Process Menu command while using a Radius algorithm would crash SONAR.
    • If no clips were selected before an audio export, clips with AudioSnap enabled on them would use the online/real-time algorithm instead of the offline algorithm.
    • Crash in Radius after bouncing/rendering a clip that had been previously slip-stretched with the Radius algorithm.
  • Using SONAR with the 64-bit double-precision audio engine engaged sometimes crashed SONAR.

Download Requirements:

You must have SONAR 6.2 installed in order to run this update. In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 6 customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

Attention Windows XP x64 Users: It is advised that you install Service Pack 2 for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition before installing SONAR 6.2.1. This Service Pack rectifies a problem that could cause the 32bit update to take up to 45 minutes to install.

DownloadDownload SONAR 6.2.1 Producer Edition 32bit & 64bit Update (Approx 22 MB).

DownloadDownload SONAR 6.2.1 Studio Edition 32bit & 64bit Update (Approx 22 MB).

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