Copying & Pasting grouped clips

Last updated on 3/31/2016

A new .ini variable is available in SONAR 8.3 to set the behavior of pasted clips when they belong to a group.  The variable is CreateNewGroupsOnPaste and it goes in the [WinCake] section of the Cakewalk.ini file.  The default setting is CreateNewGroupsOnPaste=1.

This setting applies when copying and pasting clips that are in a group.  It also applies when CTRL + drag is used to copy clips.  A new group will be created for the newly created clips if set to a value of '1'.  This is the default behavior.  If set to '0' the clips will be in the same group as the clips that were copied.

To change this setting:

  1. Click Options | Initialization File
  2. In the Option field type: CreateNewGroupsOnPaste
  3. In the Value field type either "1" or "0" for the desired behavior
  4. Click Set and then click Close.


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