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Rolling Updates

Innovation — Delivered Monthly. Rolling updates means you get more from SONAR than ever before.

What's New

While you were out ....

SONAR is better than ever and our commitment to rolling updates means innovative features, fixes and enhancements keep on coming. Check out some of the highlights below.

Dying to know more? check out everything you've missed!

Ripple Editing

Rearrange sections of a song and maintain the sync relationships without leaving unintended gaps between the clips.

Adaptive Limiter

Professional look-ahead brickwall peak limiter for both mixing & mastering. * Platinum & Professional Exclusive

Transform Tool

A new and unique way to edit in the Controller pane — allowing for easy sculpting and manipulating of data. * Platinum Exclusive

Piano Roll View

Cakewalk reached back to its roots to optimize SONAR's core MIDI editing for today's generation of virtual instruments.


Optimize SONAR's UI based on what you want to do. Record, edit, or mix your song with the right tools at the right time!

Built-in Audio

With new WASAPI drivers, SONAR now delivers extremely low-latency performance with laptops and tablets that rivals Thunderbolt

Matrix View Enhancements

Speed up workflow & more flexible Cell manipulation—as well as tightening the relationship of Cells to the Track View and timeline.

Softube Console 1 Support

More than a cool channel strip, Console 1 sports bi-directional communication, track/bus selection, and much more.

Plugin Load Balancing

This user-defined enhancement keeps your projects from dropping out in DSP heavy environments.
* Platinum Exclusive

Comping & Takes

Comping & Take Management Improvements address many editing, usability, & visual feedback concerns reported by the users.

SONAR Theme Editor

Make SONAR Platinum your own - an integrated utility that gives you total control over your DAW’s look with any photo editing application.

Smart Swipe Track Controls

With a single click and swipe, you can now engage or disengage multiple track controls across multiple tracks in one gesture.

Cakewalk LP EQ and MB

These transparent linear-phase processors are a staple for any modern SONAR engineer. * Platinum & Professional Exclusive

Help Module  

Everything you need to know, right inside the program

Melodyne 4 Essential

The world’s most advanced pitch correction software ... * Platinum & Professional Exclusive

Patch Points

Route audio anywhere in SONAR Platinum and Professional with Patch Points.

Aux Tracks

Make your life easier with Aux Tracks in SONAR Platinum and Professional.

Style Dials

Bring the ease and clarity of Style Dials right into SONAR with Grit, Space, Max, Smoother, Gater, Depth, Pulse and Shaper plugins.

Plug-In Upsampling

This breakthrough feature gives you the benefits of using higher sample rate processing even in normal projects.

Drum Replacer  

Create that huge, luscious studio drum sound inside SONAR Platinum with Drum Replacer.


VocalSync tightens vocals by aligning one part to another.
* Platinum Exclusive

Mix Recall  

Never second-guess yourself on a mix again. Mix Recall lets you save and switch to various mix scenes for easy, one-click comparisons.


New detection algorithms re-boot AudioSnap into a next-generation toolkit. * Platinum & Professional Exclusive

Pattern Tool  

The only variable separating you from your creativity is time, and the Pattern Tool is all about saving time.

FX Stacking  

The award winning Skylight evolves with Stacked FX. Get more control and see the big picture - all your FX right at your fingertips.

Expandable Sends  

Now you can see every aspect of your signal path and create a more productive environment when working on complex mixes.

PRV Enhancements  

The new PRV features more realistic piano keys, optimized vertical zoom resolution, and many other improvements.

MIDI Enhancements  

SONAR now allows for MIDI time-stretching, velocity layering, and additional functionality to make editing MIDI even easier.

Direct Stream Digital (DSD)

SONAR now supports DSD, a high definition 1-bit audio format commonly used to archive masters in high resolution

Recycle/Pin Plugin Windows

Tired of plug-in window chaos? SONAR makes it easy to cycle through or pin plugins during a mixing session

Command Center  

Cakewalk Command Center is the easiest way to manage downloads, installs and updates to your software. Learn More

VST Enhancements

SONAR now includes support for multiple VST3 MIDI input busses for plugins like the Vienna Symphonic Library, and more.


What products are eligible?

Eligibility is restricted to the following products:

  • SONAR X1 Producer
  • SONAR X1 Studio
  • SONAR X1 Essential
  • SONAR X1 Expanded
  • SONAR X1 Production Suite
  • SONAR X2 Essential
  • SONAR X2 Producer
  • SONAR X2 Studio
  • SONAR X3
  • SONAR X3 Producer
  • SONAR X3 Studio

My serial number was not accepted. Help!

When entering your serial number, remove any period or dashes and make all characters uppercase.

Example: CXSP-1.00-123456-123456 should be entered as CXSP100123456123456

Where do I find my serial number?

You can locate your serial number in one of the following places:

  • Your Cakewalk account's product registration page
  • From within SONAR by going to the Help > About menu
  • Included with your SONAR packaging
  • From an email sent to you by Cakewalk

I can't find my serial number, please help!

We're here don't worry! Contact Customer Service with a list of email addresses you may have used to register in the past.

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