Release date: Monday, March 6, 2017

Cakewalk Announces SONAR 2017.02 Update with New Comping Features

The SONAR 2017.02 update improves comping functionality, Melodyne integration, MIDI mapping, and provides sample-accurate stop, start, and resume

Boston, MA, (March 6, 2017) – Cakewalk announces update 2017.02 for SONAR, the company’s flagship DAW. This update enhances comping functionality, further integrates Melodyne’s ARA engine, enhances MIDI mapping, and includes several fixes.

Comping Enhancements
SONAR now re-uses empty Take lanes when recording, thus reducing the total number of lanes to simplify editing. Visually, Take lane height can now be maximized to show waveform details clearly, and “anchored” so that the lane is always visible. Furthermore, muted Take lanes no longer appear in the “parent” track—which makes it easy to focus only on clips that are actually audible. Also, when using Melodyne’s pitch correction software (included in SONAR), cropping clips updates Melodyne’s display to reflect these changes. This is possible due to SONAR’s tight integration with Celemony’s Audio Random Access protocol.

Additional Improvements
SONAR now saves MIDI port assignments, and can map to ports on the same kind of interface even if a project is opened on a different computer. In addition, recording, stopping, and resuming is now sample accurate, and the MIDI Note Chase feature no longer plays notes from excluded clips.

The SONAR 2017.02 update, part of SONAR’s “rolling updates” initiative that provides 12 updates a year, is a free download from the Cakewalk Command Center for all current SONAR Artist, Professional, and Platinum customers. All three versions are available globally through music and sound retailers as well as Valve’s Steam Store and the Cakewalk Store. Please visit for complete version details, introductory pricing, and localized pricing/availability from our distribution partners.

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Cakewalk is a registered trademark and the Cakewalk logo is a trademark of Cakewalk, Inc.

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