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What is product registration?

Starting in July 2005, all new Cakewalk products will require product registration.

When you register your product, you provide some information including your name and email address as well as the serial number for your product.

Product registration can be done quickly on the internet or by phone.

To register anytime log onto .

You’ll need to supply your serial number, your name, and a valid email address.

In return for this information, we’ll email you a registration code that will allow you to keep using the software forever. We recommend you write this registration code on the serial number sticker for safekeeping.

I live outside of North America, do I need to register using the same process?

If you choose to register via the internet, then the process is the same.

Click on this link to begin registration.

If you choose to register over the phone, call your local distributor.

Click here for a list of distributors worldwide.

Why is Cakewalk making this change?

Product registration has many mutual benefits for both you and Cakewalk.

By registering, you will gain access to free updates, technical support, tips, and exclusive upgrade offers.

Many people often forget to or choose not to register their products, and never find out about all the valuable post-sale services that Cakewalk offers.

Registering your product also protects your purchase by providing Cakewalk with proof of ownership.

What’s the difference between product registration and product activation?

Some companies use a process often referred to as “product activation” While this may seem similar, it has almost nothing in common with our registration process.

For example, product activation is tied in to your specific PC.

Product registration is very different because it is initiated by you, requiring a single phone call or visit to our registration web page.

Once you have the registration code, no further communication is necessary.

What’s the difference between a “serial number” and a “registration code?”

You give us the serial number and we give you back a registration code.

The serial number is the number assigned to your particular copy of the software. Each unit has its own unique serial number.

The registration code is what allows you to use your particular copy of the software past the 30-day trial period.

Does this limit the number of times I can install my Cakewalk product?

You can uninstall and re-install the software on your computer without having to worry about re-registering or being locked out of the software.

Per the End User License Agreement, your purchase of the software grants you the nonexclusive license to have one person use the software on one personal computer at a time. If you want to use the product on more than one personal computer at a time, or if you want to network the product, you must obtain separate licenses from Cakewalk.

If you have a second computer that you use on occasion, such as a personal laptop you use when away from your desktop, you may install the product on to the additional computer. You do not need to register the product again, simply use the same registration code tied to your account that has been generated for your unique serial number. Note that per the EULA, the software must only be running on one computer at a time unless you have purchased an additional license.

How did you come up with 30 days as the grace period?

We understand that people have busy schedules and often cannot register a product right away.

That last thing we would want to do is get in the way of the music creation process.

We believe 30 days is sufficient time for you to go through the product registration process, which takes less than 5 minutes.

We highly recommend that you go through the product registration as soon as you open the software.

In addition, when you launch the software it will also remind you how many days you have left before the product needs to be registered.

I lost my serial number and tried to get a new registration code but could not…what do I do?

If you lose your serial number and/or registration code, click here.

Do not go through the product registration process again, as you will be told that the serial number has already been registered.

Why do you need my email address, along with my name?

Many people share the same first and last name. We need your email address to identify you and ensure that we are providing benefits to you, not someone else.

If you do not want to receive emails from us, you can opt-out at the time of product registration or at a later date.

Will you share my information with other companies?

No, absolutely not. We use your information to update our own records.

We never trade or sell customer information. If you have more questions, please see our privacy policy.

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