Rapture Pro / Session 2.0.5 Update

Last updated on 5/8/2017

The 2.0.5 update is available in for all Rapture Pro and Rapture Session owners. To install it, open the Cakewalk Command Center, select Rapture Pro or Rapture Session and click the [Update] button.


This update includes the following New Features and Fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where the Early Access builds would display a Beta Timeout message and not allow the plug-ins to open

  • Fixed a possible crash related to timing changes in Windows 10

  • Poly Synth page has been added - Go to the dropdown in the top right and select "Set Instrument Type"

  • 50 New Poly Synth Sounds

  • Loading a sample or SFZ has it's own unique location for loading. In addition Loading/Saving a program also has it's own unique place

  • Loading a program that has the same samples as the previously loaded program no longer reloads the samples again

  • Fixed and issue where Macro Knob 8 would not load setting correctly

  • Fixed a crash when loading a SFZ that contains the Opcode for Octave Offset

  • Resolved a issue where the plug-in would not authorize on systems with slower connections

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