Gibson/ Cakewalk Announcement FAQ

Last updated on 12/1/2017

What is happening to Cakewalk?

As of November 17, 2017, Gibson Brands, Inc, has officially ceased new product development of all Cakewalk branded software. A note from our CTO (with formal announcement from Gibson) can be found at the following link:


What happens to my account?

At this time, our servers and website will remain active. You will be able to utilize your software without interruption, and will have access to your account and products as normal.


But what if the servers do go down?

If or when the servers are taken down, we will make sure you have a way to authorize your products without using any of our current online authorization steps. We're working on a mechanism for if this does occur, to ensure our users will not lose functionality moving forward.


What type of support should we expect moving forward?

Technical support is available on a limited basis for members with an active SONAR membership. We encourage legacy users to utilize our Knowledge Base and User Forum for help with older versions.


Will any Cakewalk staff remain active in the forum or other web resources?

Many of the former Cakewalk staff members are everyday SONAR users. You may see some familiar names on our forum, as well as other places that may include Cakewalk content.


I purchased SONAR within the last year, what happens with updates?

If you have purchased within the last year, you own the product outright. We will no longer be able to offer monthly updates, but you will still be able to utilize the version of SONAR you own.


What about monthly payment plans?

We have officially closed our web store, and any monthly payment plans will be automatically discontinued. If you started a monthly plan within the last year, your statement will reflect either Cleverbridge or Digital River as the merchant. If you have trouble finding this information, or have any outstanding payment questions, please contact Cakewalk support. If you are on a rent-to-own plan and not have made 12 payments we have unlocked authorization so you can continue to use SONAR without interruption.


Can I get a refund?

Refund policies may vary depending on the point of sale. If you purchased from an online dealer or brick and mortar store, most will note that all software is non-refundable. This is due to a host of issues regarding registration retrieval, third party royalties, etc. Unfortunately in these cases, we cannot assist in providing a refund on behalf of those retailers. Our web store providers offer a 30 day refund policy. Please contact our support staff with your original order number, email address, and date of purchase for assistance with purchases made within 30 days.


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