ProChannel Concrete Limiter

Tame rogue peaks and get punchier, in your face, mixes with the ProChannel Concrete Limiter. Designed exclusively for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded and SONAR X2 Producer's ProChannel, the Concrete Limiter’s advanced DSP combines highly transparent, look-ahead, limiting with low-latency performance and is suitable for peak limiting of individual tracks and level maximization of mix buses.

Concrete Limiter

Maximize Your Mix

It’s more important than ever to deliver mixes that stand out from the crowd. And it’s not just about being “loud”. It’s about maintaining punch, clarity, and good dynamics while achieving the levels necessary for a particular sound or an entire mix to stand up and get noticed.

The Concrete Limiter uses clever look-ahead and oversampling techniques, smooth gain curves, and frequency-dependant limiting to intelligently limit peaks without ever sounding “harsh” or “squashed”. And it does this while introducing only 1.5ms of latency, so you can use it in a mix and still maintain responsive playback and recording of audio tracks and softsynths.

Efficient CPU usage, low latency, optimized look-ahead,  and native x64 operation mean you can run as many instances as you’ll likely ever need in a mix  - without ever getting bogged down.

Solidify Your Sound

The Concrete Limiter not only offers precise, transparent, peak-limiting, but also features Bass Lift Technology designed to deal with problems sometimes associated with limiting and to enhance low frequencies in a way that is musically pleasing.

While desirable in many cases, limiters that strive to achieve total transparency can often lack character. Due to its dominance, bass is often the first thing limited, and this can have negative effects when limiting certain kinds of material, like drums or bass heavy synths.

The Concrete Limiter’s “Bass” switch deals with this in a musical way by processing low-frequency material through a specialized circuit designed to gently soft-clip while limiting. This innovative design maintains a clear and natural tone while increasing perceived level and imparting the fat, punchy, sound associated with tube-type soft-clipping. It does wonders for bass, kick drums, drum buses, and final mixes.

Music Concrete

The Concrete Limiter’s informative, space-efficient interface and simple controls ensure ease of use and excellent results while native x64 operation and 64-bit double-precision ensure solid performance and the highest fidelity. It’s fast, dependable, and most importantly, it sounds great.

And the fact that the Concrete Limiter is optimized for ProChannel means it’s highly-ergonomic, drag and drop routable, and instantly available on any track or bus. No plugins to manage and no additional floating windows - just efficient, transparent limiting right at your fingertips.

A flexible and transparent limiter is an indispensible tool for any engineer mixing today’s music. Whether peak limiting percussion tracks, slamming a drum bus, or carefully adding a few needed dB to a final mix, the Concrete Limiter is sure to become a favored, “go-to”, processor with a wide variety of practical uses.

Make it part of your ProChannel arsenal today.

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, SONAR X2 Producer or SONAR X3 Producer

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, SONAR X2 Producer and SONAR X3 Producer add ProChannel Modularity and are required to use the ProChannel Concrete Limiter.

ProChannel Concrete Limiter Parameters and Ranges

Parameter Control Type Range Description
Threshold Unipolar Knob 0 dB - -24 dB Sets the level where limiting will occur
Output Ceiling Unipolar Knob 0 db - -24 db Sets the final output level of the limiter
Release Unipolar Knob 0.001 – 2.5 seconds Determines how long it takes the limiter to recover after the input level is back under the threshold
Auto-release Toggle 0, 1 Enables or disables the auto-release mode
Bass Toggle 0, 1 Enables or disables the bass lift
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