Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use MIDI with Scratchpad?

I have an iOS compatible MIDI controller. Can I use it with ScratchPad?

ScratchPad does not work with MIDI, this app relies on audio only.

What happens to my projects when I close the app?

Will I lose my projects when the app closes? How can I reopen them?

Projects are automatically saved within ScratchPad regardless of accidentally closing the app or not. You can access using the Browser and going to Local > Projects

How do I synchronize ScratchPad and DropBox?

I have ScratchPad installed, I have a DropBox account - now what?

Within ScratchPad go to “My Loops”. If DropBox is installed on your device then ScratchPad will open DropBox. Verify that you would like to allow ScratchPad to use Dropbox. Once this is done, ScratchPad will create an “App” folder, and within that a “ScratchPad” folder. You can drag loops into the “ScratchPad” folder in Dropbox and they will appear within ScratchPad’s Browser under “Dropbox”.

Where are my recordings stored?

How do I find my recordings in ScratchPad. How can I send them to my DropBox?

Recordings are stored in Local > Recordings. Select and swipe to the left on the name of the recording. Here you can choose to delete the recording or send it to Dropbox.

What types of files does ScratchPad support?

What are all the files and supported formats?

ScratchPad supports .wav, .aif, .m4a & .mp3 files

What is a loop?

What is the difference between a loop and a regular audio file? Why would I use one or the other?

Loops are audio files that can sync to a wide variety of tempos. They are specifically processed to do this. Regular audio files only work at the tempo they were recorded at.

What is the XY Pad?

I keep reading about and seeing references to ScratchPad's XY Pad. What is this and how do I use it?

The XY pad is a filter effect. Each cell has it's own XY pad. To use it, begin playback by selecting an expression pad and pressing the [play] button. Touch the tab [Inspector] to open the left side of ScratchPad. Turn on the power button below the XY Pad and use your finger to drag the node up, down, left, and right. The sound will different depending on whether LP or HP is enabled.

How do I drag and drop loops?

I don't think I get it, how do I get my loops into cells?

Open ScratchPad and go to Local > Loops > [Select a genre]. Afterwards, touch, hold, and drag a loop from the list onto one of the cells. Repeat this process until all cells are filled. Dragging a loop onto a populated cell will replace it.

How do I change the tempo?

I have a project but I wanted to change it's tempo. How can I do that in ScratchPad?

Tempo is located in the main transport of ScratchPad. Touch and swipe from left to right to decrease or increase the tempo of your song.

What do the different Trigger Types mean? How do they work?

I keep seeing a reference to triggers. What does this mean and how do they work?

There are 3 different trigger types that each expression pad can use.

  1. Normal - Pressing the play button on the expression pad will begin playback. Pressing the play button a second time will stop playback.
  2. Momentary - Pressing and holding the play button on an expression pad will begin playback. Playback will stop once you lift your finger off the play button.
  3. Re-Trigger - Pressing the the play button once will begin playback. Pressing the play button a second time will start the loop over. Stopping playback must be done with the global stop button.

How does Resolution work?

I have figured out how to change it, but I don't understand it completely.

Resolution offsets the amount of time between when you enable playback on a cell and when it actually begins playing. This is a dropdown menu to the right of Tempo. From there, you can select many different types of resolutions.

  • Immediate - Starts playback immediately
  • 2 Bar - Offsets the playback by two bars
  • Bar - Offsets playback by one bar
  • Beat - Starts playback on the next downbeat
  • 1 / 8 - Starts playback on the next eighth note
  • 1 / 16 - Starts playback on the next sixteenth note
  • 1 / 32 - Starts playback on the next thirty-second note
  • 1 / 64 - Starts playback on the next sixty-fourth note

What do the different Play Modes mean?

I don't understand them. What do they mean?

Each cell can be set to two different Play Modes:

  • Loop - This is the default setting for every cell. When a cell is set to “Loop”, the audio file will continue playback until it is stopped.
  • One Shot - When a cell is set to “One Shot” the audio file will only play through once and then stop.

Why does ScratchPad have an Undo button?

Why does ScratchPad have an Undo button and how can I use it?

ScratchPad has unlimited undos to keep you from making mistakes. If you accidentally delete a loop, or delete a recording the undo button will recover it.

Where is the Column Tape Stop?

I've read about this but I can't find it - how do I access it?

Each column has a Tape Stop feature. Simply select the top left of each column and drag downward to produce a column Tape Stop.

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