About Audio Creator LE

pyro Audio Creator LE is the OEM version of pyro Audio Creator, available in consumer electronics stores everywhere.

Key Features

pyro Audio Creator

pyro Audio Creator LE's Remote, which is always accessible from the Windows status bar, gives you quick access to the audio tools you need at any time. Here's a closer look at what pyro Audio Creator LE's tools can do for you


Just click 'record' to capture important ideas, meetings, performances, podcasts, Internet broadcasts—even digitize and clean your record or cassette collection. Edit audio using a powerful 2-track view based on critically-acclaimed SONAR technology: apply effects, crossfades, trims, hiss and pop removal, and more


The Encoder is a versatile, task-based tool, allowing you to encode or convert audio files to popular formats like MP3*, WMA, WAV, AIFF, and more. If you need to convert multiple files, just have the Encoder tool process them all at once, saving you lots of time


With the number of digital audio files on your system growing by leaps and bounds, it is often hard to get organized or find music. The Tagger tool solves this problem by allowing you to easily label, rename, and edit metadata for better organization of your sound library. In addition, when you import your CD collection, Audio Creator LE can instantly download CD information from the web including song, album, and artist names for better accuracy.


The Burner is one of the easiest CD burning tools you will ever use. With just a few clicks, you can create a track list and start burning CDs. Easily drag and drop files from anywhere in your computer right into the Burner tool. Visual feedback tells you how much time and space you have remaining on the blank CD. Burn audio CDs for friends and family or just back up files to a data CD for safekeeping.


Digitize your entire CD collection using the Ripper tool. Just put in a CD, pick an audio format, and Ripper takes care of the rest. Once you have converted your CD to a digital format, you can use the other great tools in Audio Creator LE to manage your newly digitized collection. Ripped files can be used on portable devices.

* pyro Audio Creator LE includes a 30-day trial version of the Encoder module. After the trial period has expired, users must upgrade to the full Encoder in order to enjoy unlimited MP3 support, drag & drop file transcoding, and automatic file renaming and organization features. Other audio formats, like WMA, Wav, Aiff, & FLAC, are not subject to the 30-day trial period and are available through the Editor and Ripper.

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