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Improving audio performanceImproving performance with digital audio ► Getting the most out of your computer

If you are happy with your real-time effects, consider using the Process > Apply Effect > Audio Effects command to apply those effects offline. Then remove those effects from real-time use and free up lots of CPU power.
If your project contains many different audio/synth tracks or many real-time effects, you can use the Track view Tracks > Bounce to Track(s) command or click a track’s Freeze Track button to reduce all of this content to an audio track or tracks with no active effects.
Change I/O Buffer Size on the Advanced tab of the Audio Options dialog box
Turn off dithering in the Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording dialog box (choose None in the Dithering field).
Note: Changes to these settings only take effect when you restart SONAR. Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Sync and Caching to change the Enable Read Caching and Enable Write Caching settings.
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