Extended hours training and SONAR support with OBEDIA

Looking for extended training or support outside of Cakewalk business hours? OBEDIA provides affordable personal training and support seven days a week.

Since 2004, OBEDIA has helped thousands of computer recording musicians get the most out of their gear. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, OBEDIA is ready to provide you with training designed to take your recording skills to the next level. Get the most out of Sonar by scheduling a session with an expert.


OBEDIA comes from ‘Obedient Media’ and we believe technology should work for you. Because you need to speak to someone who understands you – a musician, an engineer, someone who knows your frustration and how to get results. When you call OBEDIA, it’s like calling a friend who happens to be an expert about the gear you use. Stop Searching. Start Creating.

What We Do

You have big plans and great gear, but eventually progress stalls. OBEDIA is here to remove the obstacles to your creativity. Work with us LIVE via phone or remote desktop and you’ll be back on track.

OBEDIA is pleased to provide Sonar users a special offer. Click here to visit OBEDIA for pricing and additional information.

Cakewalk // Extended hours training and SONAR support with OBEDIA
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