SONAR Producer 8.5.1 Matrix View Update

Last updated on 3/31/2016

This free update for SONAR 8.5 Producer owners improves performance of SONAR's new Matrix view and adjusts the behavior of the Retrigger and Latch modes.  It is recommended for all users of the Matrix view. 

Matrix view issues addressed in 8.5.1:

  • In some system configurations, MIDI clips could not always be triggered at low latencies
  • Some MIDI controllers would not trigger cells properly when latch was set to OFF
  • The first MIDI note of a cell would sometimes not play when triggered
  • Under certain conditions with Follow Transport set to ON cells would not stop when SONAR's transport was stopped
  • Audio glitches could sometimes occur when quickly triggering MIDI clips within the same row
  • Long MIDI notes within a cell were sometimes truncated on playback
  • Matrix view would sometimes lose MIDI learn assignments after swapping MIDI hardware
  • Matrix view ignored trim points in clips dragged from the Track view
  • Audio files that were added to the Matrix and then cleared from the Matrix were sometimes still saved with projects
  • Performance and stability optimizations

The following adjustments were made to the Matrix view mode behaviors:

  • When Retrigger is on, the Matrix will always play cells from the beginning regardless of the Cell Start mode
  • When Latch is OFF, cells will always toggle ON/OFF when triggered ignoring the setting of the Retrigger mode

To install this patch you must have SONAR 8.5 Producer installed.

DownloadDownload the SONAR Producer 8.5.1 Matrix View Update (11 mb)

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