Studio Instruments Drums

Loaded with dozens of pre-recorded drum patterns spanning several musical genres including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and more, or create your own grooves and patterns with ease.

Studio Instruments Drums image

Key features

  • Load multiple Drum sound programs and play pre-recorded drum grooves in a variety of styles
  • Includes patterns in a variety of styles: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and more
  • Drag patterns into your recording software to make variations
  • Use your MIDI controller to perform or click the interactive virtual keyboard to audition
  • Drums pulse and cymbals crash in time with the music
  • Use built-in compression and reverb to get edgy and realistic sounds
  • Control tuning, panning, and volume for tons of variety
  • Load and trigger multiple grooves for different sections of your song
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