Studio Instruments Electric Piano

Boasting several electric keyboard sounds and the ability to quickly dial-in classic tones ranging from bell-like to rich and fuzzy and everything in between.

Studio Instruments Electric Piano image

Key features

  • Load presets for a variety of electric keyboard sounds from classic to modern
  • Trigger pre-recorded phrases and chord changes in a variety of styles and easily transpose them to the proper key
  • Includes patterns in a variety of styles: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and more
  • Drag patterns into your recording software to create variations
  • Get classic tones with on-board effects like Drive, Chorus, and Tremolo
  • Use your MIDI controller to perform or click the interactive virtual keyboard to audition
  • Virtual keyboard plays in time with the music
  • Load and trigger multiple keyboard parts for different sections of your song
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