Focusing Equalizer

Unlike the previous two, this one is Softube's own bastard creation. The main idea is to have an equalizer where you first set the band width with the Low and High Cut faders, which will automatically re-set the frequencies of the High, Mid and Low bands to match your recording. After that, you use the High, Mid and Low to create the sound of the track, focusing on the sound you're interested in.

No need for separate frequency selectors for the different bands since these have already been set in a very natural sounding way by the High and Low Cut. The sound of the Low and High cuts, as well as the Low, Mid and High filters come from the Passive and Active Equalizer models.

In addition to this Softube have added a Saturation circuit, very much based on the distortion and compression from their famous FET Compressor.

Focusing EQ ProChannel

New ProChannel Module version

Drill down and work on just the frequencies you want directly from the ProChannel. This is a perfect module to work on “problem” tracks or to pull the best out of a track.

The controls of the Focusing EQ are readily available in the ProChannel module including the 3-stage EQ Type control.

The Focusing EQ and the Saturation Knob work incredibly well together and using the Prochannel modules you can decide what combination of these modules (plus others) you want.

Active EQ

Full VST Version

In addition to the ProChannel Module, you also get the full VST version of the Focusing Equalizer.

Frequency Range Adjust: Use the two sliders to set the frequency range in which the equalizer controls work.

The cut filters are either 6dB/octave types from the Passive Equalizer or 18dB/octave from the Active Equalizer, which allows you to do both wide musical cuts as well as a surgical removal of unwanted frequencies.

One Knob Saturation: The saturation knob makes it really easy to add a bit of energy or focus to your track, or set it to OFF to preserve CPU.

If you get to much distortion in the high or the low frequencies, just use the "Keep High" or "Keep Low" option to reduce the distortion in that frequency band.

Variable Bands: The center frequencies of the three bands moves automatically and musically along with the frequency range selected by the High and Low Cut filters.

Selectable Equalizer Type: If you prefer the sound from the Passive Equalizer, just set the Equalizer Type to Passive, or vice versa. Set it to OFF to save some CPU.


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