TSAR-1R Reverb

The TSAR-1R is based on a powerful, proprietary modern reverb algorithm. It's alive and vibrant, gentle and dreamy—and above all, natural and believable. We've wrapped this versatile beauty in an exceptionally accessible interface—three knobs give you fast, immediate control over a wide range of ambient spaces.

TSAR-1 Reverb ProChannel

New ProChannel Module version

Perfect for a track or a bus the Softube TSAR-1R reverb adds the True Stereo Algorithm right into the ProChannel. Put the TSAR-1R exactly where you want in the signal flow using drag and drop. All the controls are integrated into the module providing immediate access to parameters.

For a great vocal track use the PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate, the PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor, ProChannel EQ and TSAR-1R reverb. Once you have the perfect combination of modules save them as a preset for instant recall in any project.

TRAS-1 Reverb

Full VST Version

In addition to the ProChannel Module, you also get the full VST version of the TSAR-1R Reverb.

TSAR-1R - Same sound quality, easier to use: The TSAR-1R is based on the TSAR-1. With just three reverb parameters and the required mix and volume knobs, it has never before been this easy to dial in a great reverb sound.

Predelay: Perfect for getting that small gap between the vocals and the reverb tail

Time: One fader to rule them all. The Time control changes the Density, Diffusion, Early Reflections, Reverb Time, etc. Almost like a continous swipe through all the best presets.

Color: Need a bright or a dark reverb?.

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